One Loft Race

"Ukraine Master"
invites all interested, who breed pigeons, of ukraine and europe to the international sport competition.

International tournament

Pigeon racing is the sport of releasing specially trained racing pigeons, which then return to their homes over a carefully measured distance. The time it takes the animal to cover the specified distance is measured and the bird's rate of travel is calculated and compared with all of the other pigeons in the race to determine which animal returned at the highest speed.

Gold Racing Pigeons

Pigeon racing requires a specific breed of pigeon bred for the sport. Competing pigeons are specially trained and conditioned for races

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Übergabe und Bezahlung der gekauften Tauben erfolgt am 27 – 28.10.2018 beim  29. Internationalen TaubenMarkt in Kassel.

Kassel Stand Nr. 100 (Zusammen mit Derby Corabia. Markus Soellner. Fauna Orheiului. Ukraine Master)

Die Transportkosten nach Kassel betragen 10 Euro pro Taube.

Pigeon auction Ukrain Master 2018

Ace pigeon Hot Spot 


Ace Team Hot Spot 




Start Final 450km 


Ace pigeon Hot Spot 4 


Ace Team Hot Spot 4 


Semi Final 


Start Semi Final 350km 


Ace pigeon Hot Spot 3 


Ace Team Hot Spot 3 


Hot Spot 3 (220Km) 


Hot Spot 3 (220Km)Start 


Ace pigeon Hot Spot 2 


Ace Team Hot Spot 2 


Hot Spot 2 (160Km) Start 


Ace pigeon Hot Spot 1 


Ace Team Hot Spot 1 


Hot Spot 1 (110Km) 


Hot Spot 1 (110Km) Start 




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